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Our Online Privacy Policy

Our Online Privacy Policy

We respect your online privacy and make an effort to clearly state and disclose the basics of our website's privacy policy.

Affiliate & FTC Disclosure

To comply with the Federal Trade Commission and other program rules, this computer gadget review site may or may not earn compensation from site visitors clicks on product links.

Primarily, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites in the US, UK and Canada.

We may also link to other affilate programs such as the eBay Partner Network, LinkShare or others to help in your online comparison shopping and research efforts.

About Web Browser Cookies

It's normal for your computer's web browser to colect and store bits of data known as 'cookies' as you visit various sites and surf the web. Much of this data collection is completely innocuous. Some is used for advertising and retargeting efforts. At other time's it is essential for managing online sign-ins, transactions and security.

What your web browser stores is up to you. In your browser preferences you may view, delete, block cookie data as you see fit - and we recommend you review what's stored about your travails across the internet periodically.

Your Email Privacy

This site does NOT actively pursue Opt-Ins, Pop-Ups or other annoyances to try to gather your name, email or phone number for further marketing efforts. We do have a contact page, and if and only if you choose to use it for an inquiry is any info gathered. If so, any information you provide will only be used to respond to your inquiry, then promptly deleted. Simple as that.

This consitutes the essence of the online privacy policy.