Tips for Portable Inkjet Printer Use On The Road

Tips For MacBook Printing

Mobile Printing Tips On A MacBook Pro Or Air

As is typical with Apple gadgets in our lives, before heading out the door with your portable printer, a little planning is wise. Whether you are traveling with your MacBook and a HP OfficeJet Mobile Printer or a Canon Laptop Photo Printer, a diminuitive Epson WF-100 photo inkjet, or a compact and ultra-light Primera Trio printer/scanner combo - keep a couple of things in mind to assure your get the scans or prints you need when on the road:

Mac Laptop Printer Traveling Advice

  1. If you rely on battery power for printing, fully charge it and your laptop before heading out.

  2. Verify you've packed the printer's AC-power or recharging cord and USB cable.

  3. Portable printers typically don't have internal paper trays, keep a stack in a manila envelope.

  4. Protect your printer. Many mobile printers have protective cases designed for their safe travel.

  5. Many 3rd-party cases or sleeves work well if tailored to your moble printer/scanner device.

  6. Know your printer's buttons and error light codes down cold if it doesn't have an LCD display.

  7. Maintenance and operation tips can be searched for on the web if needed in a pinch.

  8. MacOS Sierra, ElCapitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion have built in drivers for most portable printers, visit manufacturer's site if needed, especially for mobile scanning.

  9. Wireless printing via Apple AirPrint will need password access to a nearby wireless router.

  10. Portable printers which support WiFi Direct don't need a Wi-Fi wireless network available.

  11. Pack SPARE ink so you don't have to hunt down a BestBuy or OfficeDepot in desperation.

  12. Be ink savvy about replacement inks: Know your cartridge or tank numbers.

  13. Ink replacement numbers can be confusing. Often printers support several different Standard or High-capacity cartridges.

  14. Opt for 'XL' high-capacity replacement ink cartridges when possible for more prints at lower cost per page.

  15. Remanufactured or generic ink cartridges or tanks may fail to be recognized or clog when you need them most.

Portable MacBook Printing Smarts

A bit of foresight and planning can insure when business demands it and push comes to shove, you can get the critical prints or scans you need for your projects when traveling on business with your MacBook laptop, iPhone or iPad tablet.

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