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Compact Mobile Scanners For MacBook Air & Pro

Any business traveler who needs document or receipt scanning on the road with their Apple MacBook computer often want compact, Mac compatible document and image scanners that can chew through reciepts, contracts and invoices. You can then save a PDF or JPG file to your Mac's drive. From there you can print, email it, or save it to your organizer or note taking app with ease.

Overall they make great Apple compatible mobile computing peripherals for those who need to scan on the go or want a minimal footprint on their desktop.

Best-Selling Color MacBook Scanner

USB-Powered Brother DS-620

Duplex Mobile Scanner For MacBooks

Two-Sided Color MacBook Scanner

USB-Powered Brother DS-720D

For those needing to scan BOTH sides of a page at once, Brother's DS720D model is the right choice in a portable MacBook scanner. Considering it's often available at the SAME PRICE as it's lower-end, one-sided 620 sibiling, you might want to opt for the ability to scan both sides of the page at once with the 720D.

Doxie Mobile Scanner For iPad : iPhone : MacOS

The newest generation of the Doxie Go Wi-Fi has 3x the battery life, 4x the internal memory, improved paper feeding, higher resolutio scans, and includes an international power adapter. The Doxie Go Wi-Fi enables Mac and iOS scanning you can take and sync anywhere. A rechargeable battery, built-in memory, integrated Wi-Fi, and included Doxie Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad apps make this an excellent if pricey choice for Apple users.

Doxie WiFi Mobile Scanner

Great Apple Device Support

Scan documents, receipts, photos and full color pages in ten seconds at up to 600 DPI, then sync and share your scans immediately. The Doxie is a fully portable scanner – with built-in battery and internal memory. Doxie’s tiny size, about the size of a roll of aluminum foil can internally store literally thousands of documents or pictures before needing to sync. If additional storage is needed, simply insert an SD memory card for higher capacity.

The bundled Doxie apps can sync your scans to a Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone. Synching via Wi-Fi lets you save, create and organize searchable PDF's with Abby OCR software to recognize the text in a scanned document. The ability to sync scans to an iPad or iPhone with Doxie’s iOS app lets you save and scan anywhere.

Automatic Sheet-Fed Apple Notebook Scanner

This Fujitsu ScanSnap mobile scanner model is larger and slightly bulkier than the two above - but also offers DUAL-SIDED scanning and 10-Page automated sheet feeding abilities in a jiffy - which can be a real time-saver for multi-page, two sided documents. It's imporant to note this USB-powered portable scanner requires your MacBook Air or Pro have TWO USB ports (or a powered USB hub port) for adequate power. As such it's use of a 'Y' cable may NOT the right choice for older MacBook AIR models with only a single USB port - and a bit problematic requiring a USB A-B extender cable with new ThunderBolt MacBooks and Airs's with two USB ports - but on OPPOSITE sides of the laptop.

Duplex Portable Scanner

S1300 Travel Scanner

For MacBook Pro and Air users, the base S1300 model around $229 is the right Mac OSX choice. (There's a slightly higher-priced $299 "DELUXE" Bundle version of the S1300 that includes additional PC software for WINDOWS ONLY!)

Cordless Portable Scanner For Mac

A trend in portable scanning is the addition of built-in flash memory and battery to allow cable-free cordless scanning anywhere. When you're ready to transfer scans to your MacBook Air or Pro laptop, just plug in via USB and it appears as a 'drive' icon on your Desktop ready to copy the files that you've scanned. You can also optionally remove the scanner's SD card and plug into your Mac mini or iMac desktop or laptop's SD card slot if available.

Iris Scan Anywhere 2

Mac OSX Software Suite

The scan anywhere comes with 512MB built in memory, a 2GB SD card, ReadIris OCR and business card scanning software for Mac. All in all a great bundle.

HP Mobile Scanner for MacBook Travel

Recently Hewlett-Packard started offering the ScanJet Professional 1000 travel scanner that works with OSX Leopard 10.5 and up. It uses industry standard TWIAN scanning support many Mac owners who've owned other HP products are familiar with.

HP Travel Scanner

Portable HP laptop scanning
Manual-Feed + Duplex Scanning

Note the included Windows software supports far more advanced and intelligent document manager features and OmniPage OCR only on Windows. May be a functional solution - but not IDEAL option for Mac users.

Brother Laptop Scanner

MacBook Scanning - To Go!

Brother offers a compact Mac laptop scanner at a more affordable price than most. Do be aware you'll want to download the latest Mac OSX drivers for it _before_ plugging it in. Brother is pretty good about Mac OSX support, and Mac scanner drivers for OSX are available online. See this page for Apple DS-600 scanning drivers and support information.