MacBook Compatible Portable Inkjet Printer Makers

Mobile MacBook Printer Companies

Top Portable Inkjet Printer manufacturers

Shopping for an Apple compatible portable printer that's small and lightweight? Here’s some MacBook friendly mobile printing manufacturers that make battery-powered, small and compact portable printing products ideal for Apple OSX and IOS users:

Canon USA

Canon was the first to enter the portable printing inkjet market with it's early Bubble-Jet ‘BJC’ printers and was the only game in town for many years. In it's most recent update, the longstanding IP100 from the ‘Pixma’ series was updated to the IP 110 which adds wireless Wi-Fi abilities (in addition to USB) and full Apple AirPrint compatibily for near instant connectivity to not only Mac OS laptops or desktops, but to Apple iOS devices like the iPad tablet, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Epson Americas

Epson has long been a leading maker of inkjet printers, but only entered the portable laptop printer market last year with it's very capable ‘Workforce’ WF-100 printer that includes USB and WiFi wireless support for both desktop and mobile computing devices. It's now the smallest and lightest MaBook portable printing solution available.


Hewlett-Packard historically lagged Canon's lead in the mobile travel printer market, but they've offered a somewhat chunky but compact mobile printer ‘OfficeJet’ line for many years. First available in 3 different models supporting either USB-only, USB + Bluetooth, or USB + WiFi, they now offer a basic travel printer with BOTH USB and AirPrint / Wireless Direct WiFi connectivity. In an industry first, HP also offers the world's first Mac compatible All-In-One AIO portable printer with sheetfed scanning and copying abilities which is highly appealing to select Road-Warriors who need to print, scan and copy while on business travels.

Primera America

Not as well known, but in the label printer and CD/DVD duplicator business for over 15 years, Primera recently joined the laptop printing market with it's Trio multi-function All-In-1 laptop printer-scanner peripheral. Offering full-size print, scan and copy functions at only 2.6 pounds (2.9 with LiOn battery) it's far less bulky than HP's competitive AIO offering - with some tradeoffs.

Brother Inc

Perhaps the smallest mobile printer of them all, Brother offers a THERMAL based printer that is ultra-compact and battery powered. The ‘PocketJet’ series is the size of a boxed roll of aluminum foil and very totable. It does require special thermal paper which responds to the heat of the printhead on the paper itself. Like many reciept printers, thermal is very reliable printing technology suited for environments where replacement ink-cartridges are likely to dry-out, freeze, clog or need frequent replacing. It's not an ideal choice for the average Mac user, but the PocketJet is worth being aware of for unique business needs.