Top Epson Portable Inkjet For MacBook Pro or Air Laptop

Epson Inkjet For Apple MacBooks

Epson Portable Inkjet For MacBooks

In the market for a a compact and light-weight wireless mobile printing solution for your Apple MacBook Air or Pro printer needs? The demand for Apple Mac OS and iOS friendly portable printer products is only increasing as more mobile notebooks and handheld device starts to overtake conventional desktop computer platform demand from consumers and business. Epson is finally addressing the portable printing market with it's latest Apple WiFi Direct & AirPrint compatible WorkForce 100 portable Epson color inkjet printer model specifically designed for travel.

MacBook Compatible Portable Epson Printer

The iOS and Mac compatible WorkForce-100 is the smallest and lightest mobile inkjet printer ever made by Epson - shaving off both inches and pounds compared to most other competitor's models for a somewhat more totable mobile print solution. Only the Primera Trio portable printer/scanner is smaller than Epson's travel printer.

WF-100 Epson Mobile Printer

Wireless OSX + IOS Printing

Epson Mobile Printing Features

Some notable things about Epson's new WF-100 entry into the Apple compatible portable laptop printer market. It's AirPrint compatible wireless features both 802.11 WiFi and WiFi-Direct support: The latter allows an Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad to print directly to the Epson mobile Air printer anywhere - even if there isn't a WiFi router involved.

+ Built-In WiFi Direct wireless as well as USB connectivity
+ Print from Andriod, Surface and iOS tablets and smartphones
+ Print from Mac OSX or Windows PCs via Wi-Fi AirPrint or USB
+ Either USB cable or AC adapter can be used for easy battery recharging
+ Included rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery is built-in
+ Print pro-quality photos or documents on the road
+ 1.4" color LCD display for configuraiton and status monitoring
+ Custom Epson printer travel cases available

Epson Mobile Printer Ink Replacements

The Epson WF-100 portable printer supports two ink cartridges: The T215 series of Black and Tri-Color carts. Unlike HP, Epson doesn't offer high-capacity replacement inks, though you can buy combo color and black sets for a slight discount, around $37 USD for a pair.

Important: Unlike most other desktop and portable printers, Epson employs a waste ink box that collects ink from initialization and cleaning cycles and needs to be replaced occasionally. So, beyond ink, this is another consumable you might need to deal with every so often.

For more detailed specs and features of this ultra-compact and light Epson mobile printer for iOS and MacBook Pro or Air users, check out the portable printer's product page on Amazon - or Epson's website.

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