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Canon Laptop Printer For Apple MacBooks

Canon Portable Inkjet For MacBooks

In the market for a compact and light-weight portable printing product for your Apple MacBook Pro or Air print requirements? The interest in for Apple Mac OS and iOS friendly travel printer products is only increasing as more mobile notebooks and handheld device use starts to out-strip conventional desktop computer platform interest from business and consumers. Canon USA has been making battery powered mobile printers longer than any other manufacturer, but is now facing growng competition from HP and Epson in particular.

Apple Compatible Portable Canon Printer

With the latest revision of it's venerable iP100 portable printer to the more feature-rich Pixma iP110 model, Canon offers an even more compelling portable printing solution to MacBook users. The addition of Apple AirPrint compatibility and wireless Wi-Fi direct printing offers tremendous freedom to print untethered from a USB 2.0 cable when desired from your Mac OS laptop - and iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch support as well.

iP110 Canon AirPrint MacBook Printer

Wireless OSX and IOS Device Compatible Printing

Cheapest Portable Printer For iPad Or Mac

Recent price cuts on the Canon iP110 at Amazon make it the most affordable, cheapest wireless mobile printing solution for MacOS or iOS users *IF* there's AC power available. If you need battery-powered portable prints, the battery makes it a more expensive solution than Epson's WF-100 or HP OJ-200 which include an internal battery. Note: It also requires a WiFi router available to print wirelessly. Unlike HP and Epson, it doesn't support 'Wi-Fi DIRECT' mode.

Canon Pixma iP110 Mobile Printer Specs

Physically the printer hasn't changed much from it's iP100 predecessor. Instead of the silver/gray color, it's now a charcoal black. The eighty-buckish Canon LK-62 battery sadly is still OPTIONAL and bolts onto the back of the printer - adding to it's true cost, base weight, and bulk if battery powered operation is essental.

- WiFi Apple AirPrint Printing for iPad, iPhone or Mac
- 5 color photo printing with 2 ink cartridges
- Wireless PictBridge support for direct WiFi digital camera printing
- USB 2.0 port for direct wired printing from any Mac
- 9ppm Black at 600x600 DPI - 5.8ppm Color speeds at up to 9600x2400 DPI
- 50 page sheet feeder capacity
- OSX and IOS wireless as well as Cloud printing support
- Dimensions 12.7" x 7.3" x 2.5"
- Base Printer Weight 4.3 lbs. - 5.1 lbs. with battery
- Uses widely available PGI-35 Black, CLI-36 Cartridges

Canon Pixma iP110 Portable Printer Inks

The mobile printers from Canon use ink TANKS that snap into a permanently mounted print head. We recommend PGI-35 and CLI-36 Canon brand properly formulated inks for your portable printer to assure reliable printing and output quality - especially for archival prints on photo papers. However, some opt for generic Canon ink tanks to save money - but if the chemical formulations aren't correct you might experience nozzle clogging or color problems as digital photograph prints age.

Canon Pixma Mobile Printer Inks

2 Black & 1 Color Tanks

More info, specifcations and product details for the Apple iOS and OSX friendly Canon 110 wireless mobile printer are available on Canon's USA site.

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