Top Brother Portable Thermal Printer For MacBook Air Or Pro

Brother Thermal Printer For MacBooks

Brother Portable Thermal Printer For MacBooks

Are you in the market for a light-weight and small portable printer solution for your personal or business Apple iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro or Air printer needs? The demand for Apple MacOS and iOS compatible travel printer products is only increasing as ever-more mobile notebooks and handheld devices start to out-number conventional desktop computer platform interest from consumers and businesses. Brother offers the lightest, most compact full-size letter/legal MacOS / iOS mobile printing solution available. It's about the size of a box of aluminum foil and weighs under 1.2 pounds.

Brother MacBook Travel Printer

USB2 + WiFi + AirPrint Thermal Printing

MacBook Compatible Brother Mobile Printer

Brother's slim, portable printer for iPad / iPhone, Mac or PC laptops is uniquely based on THERMAL PRINTING technology. It uses heat to print on special sheets or rolls of thermal paper like many receipt printers do. For extreme or select environments and users, this is preferred over inkjets - where drying, freezing temps, clogging and changing tanks or cartridges is unreliable or inconvenient. The drawback is relatively low-resolution 300dpi monochrome printing ONLY and the inability to use readily available plain paper.

PocketJet 773 Wireless Portable Printer Features

- 300 DPI monochrome resolution
- Lower, fixed per-page cost for mobile printing
- Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and IrDA interfaces
- Apple AirPrint(tm) compatibility for iOS printing
- Bluetooth and WLAN wireless interfaces available on higher-end models
- Small and lightweight at 1.1 pounds
- Product Dimensions are 10 x 2 x 1.5 inches for easy totability
- Lightweight and long-life battery for 500+ pages
- Accepts single-sheet, fanfold or roll thermal paper

Note: Brother offers MANY configurations of this printer with many model #'s. For full USB and Wireless features appropriate for Apple use you may need to order a 7xx series right for you directly from Brother's online store.

Smallest Portable MacBook Printer: Who It's Right For

As the smallest Macbook compatible portable printer made, its right for *select* business environments, print-heavy users. Perhaps if you're a prolific travel writer, work in a delivery vehicle, are a realtor or prepare legal documents on the go, or generate construction estimates or inspection reports outdoors in the cold this may be a great solution to address specific business needs. For the average Mac user, it's probably not.

Some Major Gotchas To Be Aware Of…

Several models of of the Brother PocketJet 7XX series are available. The top-end *773* model may best for Mac users - especially if you want to print from IOS via an iPad or iPhone. The printer you order may or MAY NOT include critical, additional accessories. There's AC power adapters, 12 volt car lighter power adapters available. No USB cord is included if you want to print direct from a MacBook. Rolls or packs of 8.5" Letter and Legal thermal papers sold separately. There are optional Brother and 3rd-party NiMh - or Lithium Ion batteries available for longer print time between charges. The latest print drivers for Mac OSX may need to be downloaded, although I must commend Brother for a long-standing committment to Apple compatibility with it's print and scan products over the years.

Learn more about this line of Brother's Mac and iPad compatible travel printers at their product page. Perhaps the biggest issue with this PocketJet printer is the high cost - typically in the $400-$600 range. Too pricey for the average consumer, but for certain work environments and careers where you need a 1+ pound hand-held full size print, it _may_ be the right solution at the price. Amazon reviews have been quite negative overall, mostly because they received only the base printer - and none of the additional power adapters, cables, battery, paper or CD they expected. Caveat emptor! Spend some time at Brother's PocketJet page to fully understand all the different models and options.

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