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It's taken many, many years but we now have two multi-function MFP all-in-one AIO portable scanner / printer solutions ideal for roaming Apple users on the go. The two available choices of mobile peripherals that offer print / scan combo function are at opposite extremes. At one end of the market is a minimalist USB-only device suited only to MacBooks but easy to travel with. Then there's a more fully-featured wireless printer-scanner combo that can also support iPad or iPhone printing - but is significantly bulkier and heavier.

Primera Trio USB Print + Scan + Copy MFP

Primera offers Apple laptop users the smallest, full-size portable printer and scanner combo made to date. At 2.6 pounds - 2.9 with battery, the Primera Trio All-In-One Scanner Printer is the most travel-friendly MacBook compatible mobile all-in-one currently available. As a USB connected printer with scanner / copier, it's primarily designed for MacBook or PC laptop users.

Multi-Function USB Mobile AIO

With Sheet-Fed Scan & Copy

With a much smaller footprint and significantly lighter weight than HP's offering, the Trio is definitely easier to travel with. But the minimalism involves some trade-offs. First, the Trio only supports one ink cartridge, either Black or Color (with blended blacks), but not both simultaneously. (We recommended the money-saving XL high-capacity carts). The battery is optional and not included. The flip up lid/paper tray holds just 10 sheets or 5 envelopes. And the scanner slot that runs along the front edge of the printer's housing implies one sheet at a time manual feed scanning.

HP Wireless Print + Scan + Copy MFP

Hewlett-Packard maintains it's leadership as the first computer peripheral manufacturer to ever deliver a multi-function All-In-One portable printer scanner combo for Mac or PC. The OfficeJet 250 All-In-One printer / scanner combo is the 2nd generation revision with some significant improvements over the original OJ150 model - most notably the addition of WiFi for AirPrint compatible printing over a network or using WiFi-Direct from your Mac or Apple handheld IOS device.

HP 250 Mobile All-In-1 Printer

USB + WiFi Print - Scan - Copy

Although far more feature rich, the Hewelett-Packard OfficeJet 250 Print & Scan combo comes with it's own caveats. First off, it's quite bulky and weighs in at almost 5 pounds making this more of a beast for frequent flyers and business travelers to live with and lug around. It includes both USB and Apple Airport compatible WiFi for easy printing not only from a Mac, but readily supports WiFi Direct iOS printing from an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as well. A PictBridge USB port allows direct connection of a flash-drive, card reader or digital camera for printing directly off the device. With separate black and color ink cartridges, the OJ 250 is a higher-quality photo and business graphics printer than the Primera which relies on BLENDED colors for blacks when using the tri-color cart.

The OJ 250's paper feed tray holds up to 50 sheets making large printing and scanning tasks less manually intensive. And it's AC power supply is fully integrated into the printer and not a separate brick transformer. The OfficeJet 250's power cord now plugs directly into the printer's housing.

Portable Printer Scanner Multifunction Peripherals

So there you have it: The two currently available portable AIO/MFP scanner / printer options. One, the wireless enabled OfficeJet 250 AIO is fully featured for more kinds of computing devices, but heavier and bulkier. Two, the USB-only Primera Trio AIO for MacBook laptop use along with it's own tradeoffs in leiu of exceptional portability. It's a tough call with these two combination print / scan peripherals being at extreme opposites of the spectrum. I think HP needs to leverage it's engineering prowess to come up with a more compact and lighter solution, and Primera needs to add wireless and lower it's street price to be more competitive.

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