Portable MacBook Inkjet Printers For Apple Laptops

Best Portable Inkjets for MacBook Air or Pro

MacBook Compatible Laptop Inkjets

There are only a few Apple friendly portable inkjet printing solutions that use A/C power when available or optionally, battery-power on the road. The compact and lightweight mobile printers featured below are ideal for MacBook Air and Pro laptop users. Weighing between 2.5 to 5 pounds, these portable color inkjet printers for Apple notebooks offer business or photo printing anywhere needed. Those with WiFi wireless can also support iOS printing from an iPad or iPhone.

Mobile Printing Trends

Small Printers for iOS and Mac are in high demand. There's hundreds of millions of iPad and iPhone users. And three out of four of all Mac computer users choose a MacBook Pro or Air laptop. As such, there's high-demand for consumers wanting light, compact and battery powered printing solutions.

Wireless Portable Air Printer For MacBook From Epson

Epson recently joined the mobile printer market with it's WF-100 wireless WorkForce portable printing offering. At around 3.5 pounds, it's now one of the smallest and lightest Mac compatible travel printers that are currently shipping.

WF-100 Epson Mobile Printer

Wireless IOS and MacOS Printing

Epson's compact mobile inkjet photo printer supports both WiFi wireless direct USB connections. Apple iOS device and OSX laptop printing is supported via AirPrint or WiFi Direct. An LCD control panel display eases operation. The LiOn battery is integrated inside the printer chassis. It's rechargeable via AC power or can be trickle-charged using a USB cable from your MacBook.

All-In-1 MacBook Laptop Printer-Scanner From Primera

The Primera Trio offers MacBook laptop users an ultra-light 2.6 pound mobile copy, scan and print solution for mobile users wanting a fully-featured but minimalist AIO / MFP multi-function USB peripheral. It's now the smallest battery-operated travel printer with copy and scan abilities.

Multi-Function USB Portable Printer

With Sheetfed Scan and Copy

Primera's compact All-In-One doesn't have wireless. It's USB-ONLY making it more suitable for MacBook's. For iPad or iPhone printing, you'd have to connect it to your MacBook and then use the printer sharing feature to access it from your iOS device.. The Trio holds only a single ink cartridge at a time: Either Black - or (blended) Color (but not both) unlike most other inkjets. Higher-capacity XL ink cartridges are available for lower-cost per page operation. A Lithium-Ion battery ($60) is optional. Like the Epson WF-100 it can be trickle-charged from a MacBook's USB port. Other accessories that are available include a cigarette lighter power adapter laptop printer travel sleeves and cases, as well as a vehicle dashboard mounting plate.

Portable MacBook Inkjet Models From Hewlett-Packard

In recent years, HP agressively went after the mobile printer market Canon used to utterly dominate. HP recently revised it's 1XX-series battery-operated portable printer lineup with the OfficeJet 2XX-series. The print-only HP OfficeJet 200 features notably faster printing speeds, a greyscale LCD control panel and an integrated Li-On battery.

HP 200 Portable MacBook Printer

USB + WiFi Direct Mobile Printing

HP also updated their portable 150 All-In-One to the revised OfficeJet 250 Multi-Function printer for iOS, MacOS. The 250 added WiFi connectivity supporting both AirPrint and WiFi Direct connections. The scanning hardware supports 600 DPI color copy and scan functions. The HP OJ250 mobile copier / printer / scanner also features a color LCD touch sensitive control panel for ease of operation.

HP 250 Portable All-In-One

WiFi Print + Scan + Copy

Hewlett-Packard's latest mobile printers retain USB 2.0 - but now add 802.11 wireless with WiFi Direct and AirPrint for easy Mac or IOS mobile device printing. There's also a PictBridge USB port allowing direct photo transfers from SD card readers, flash drives, or digital cameras.

Canon Mobile Laptop MacBook Pro and Air Printers

Canon has been making Apple compatible laptop printers longer than any other company. They continue to deliver an affordable portable inkjet printer ideal for Apple handheld device and MacBook users. Their latest model is now the IP110. Canon's color inkjet printer is notably less bulky than Hewlett-Packard's models. Unfortunately, the optional and rather heavy, large and pricey bolt-on battery adds to it's weight and true cost.

Wirelesss iP110 Canon Travel Printer

Portable AirPrint Mobile Printing

Canon updated it's 110 model mobile printer with both USB and wireless WiFi Direct and AirPrint built-in. Apple AirPrint compatibility offers the ability to from an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad - as well as from an Macintosh desktop or MacBook Air or Pro laptop. However, lacking an easy-to-use LCD display, wireless configuration can be tricky. You have to rely on the blinking LED light patterns to ascertain and set certain functions and operation modes. The iP110 uses the same Canon 35/36 black/color ink cartridges as the popular iP100 model did for years, so you're more likely to find replacements at retail locations easily.

Portable Inkjet IOS Compatibility

With HP, Epson and Canon now offering wireless connectivity in their mobile inkjet lineup, you can print from your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch using either AirPrint or WiFi Direct protocols.

MacBook Portable Printer OSX Compatibility

Apple's MacOS Sierra, ElCapitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion and Leopard already have 100's of print drivers included for these portable laptop printers and other inkjets, lasers and MFP - AIO All-In-One printing solutions. If you encounter printing problems on your MacBook and mobile printer, run Software Upated to ensure you have the latest Mac printer drivers, or visit the Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Primera or Canon USA website support areas for the latest OSX driver version.